Ultra light monitor lift with double screen UMD-15.6


LCD monitor lift is advance hiding equipment designed for audio video system in office furniture. The LCD screen of monitor lifting system would be rising down into the desk and hidden under the office table when unused; Screen inside the LCD lift would be rising up from table automatically by touch switch or remote control and present the workable screen on the desktop if used.

The second generation of intelligent integrated LCD monitor lift is a new type of monitor lift newly developed by our company in 2021. It is characterized by lighter, thinner and smaller volume. The application of the latest all aluminum alloy metal structure makes the whole product lighter. It adopts the current optimized internal lifting design structure, which makes the collar product thinner and smaller. This reduces transportation costs.


SMD-15.6N is a retractable monitor with front 15.6″ monitor and back 10.1″ monitor for video conference system.

15.6, 17.3, 18.5, 21.5, 23.6 inch Full HD Screen/ touch screen for selection to meet the requirment of different monitor size.

Upgrate design 80mm ultra thin width panel, the whole product use aluminum alloy material, which is light to save the shipping cost.

With double super-quite synchrous motor, rasing up and down by tank chain and mechanical gear, the lift is much smooth and quiet when working.

It is widly use in conference system, video conference system, tv conference system, financial analyzing system, advanced office system,lecture and training room with conference table& computer desk,etc.

Selling Point:

1. Double screen( front 15.6″ and back 10.1″)
2. Ultra-thin Design, only 80mm width of whole product
3. Motorized by tank chain and mechanical gear, good quality and smooth and quiet when working
4. Hidden design to save more space and makes a modern office environment
5. Ultra thin monitor and lift boday, elegant design and save space
6. 0-20 degree adjustable angle to make prefect viewing angle for users
7. Virtually Silent working with excellent working life.
8. works smoothly and quietly, fast
9. with protecting function of LCD monitors by cutting the electricity off automatically
10. Control system: Touch Switch on LCD motorizedLift panel, RF remote control, RS232 AND rs 485 central control..
11. Power plug and voltage could be changed according to user’s requirment
12. Touch screen for selection

COLOR Brushed black/Brushed silver /Matte black/Sparkle silver
PANEL SIZE 430mm*70mm*3mm
CASE SIZE 415mm*60mm*562mm
PRODUCT SIZE 430*70*565mm
SCREEN SIZE Front screen: 15.6;  back screen: 10.1
RESOLUTION Front screen: 1920*1080; back screen: 1280*800
HD SCREEN Touch or Non-touch
Touch Technology Capactitive Touch Screen、Ten-Point Touch
LCD SWIVEL ANGLE Defualt to 15°,  Continous adjustment within    0°-30°
VIEWING ANGLE Upward angle:85°,

Downward angle:85°,

Left angle:85°,

Right angle:85°

VOLTAGE 110V-240V, 50/60HZ
CONTROL METHOD Central control, remote control, by pannel button

( remote control distance within 30meters )


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